A Closed World


Not the adventure you were expecting


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A Closed World is a truly unique RPG, in which the player assumes the role of a child (boy or girl) who, tired of everything and everyone, disappears into the forbidden forest to try and find himself. Once there, they will not only have to face the forest of no return, but also the demons that inhabit it... or perhaps their very own demons.

The game's mechanics are similar to those found in many traditional JRPGs, in the sense that the player travels through the woods in search of their destiny, and meets a variety of different creatures along the way. However, the fighting system you use against these creatures... is not exactly what you would imagine.

To defeat these demons, you have to use special attacks such as reason and ethics, and attempting to appeal to the creature's inner feelings. If at any time a demon manages to hurt you with its words, you can just take a deep breath and recover your life force.

On a visual level A Closed World is a real marvel, with some great character design and some pixel perfect scenery that will delight lovers of high quality graphics.

A Closed World is a special RPG, almost magical, that tells a gripping story and really encourages the player to follow it through to the end. Can you do it?
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